Quiz : Software Testing Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) - Objective Question :Set 11

There are 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Each multiple choice question carries equal weightage ie 1 point. You need to complete this quiz in 20 minutes.
Total 20 Minutes to complete this quiz.
Total 20 Points
1. Software Testing is a process of evaluating a system by manual or automatic means and verify that it satisfies specified requirements or identity differences between expected and actual results.  
1) True
2) False
Marks: 1
2. Retesting modules connected to the program or component after a change has been made?  
1) Full Regression Testing
2) Unit Regression
3) Regional Regression
4) Retesting.
Marks: 1
3. An Important metric is the number of defects found in internal testing compared to the defects found in customer tests, Status of test activities against the plan, Test coverage achieved so far, comes under  
1) Process Metric
2) Product Metric
3) Test Metric
Marks: 1
4. SPICE Means  
1) Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination
2) Software Process Improvement and Compatibility Determination.
3) Software Process Invention and Compatibility Determination.
4) Software Process Improvement and Control Determination
Marks: 1
5. Requirements Specification, Planning, Test case Design, Execution,Bug Reporting & Maintenance This Life Cycle comes Under  
4) BLC
Marks: 1
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